AR Headtracking with AirPods

This prototype shows the potential of dynamic head tracking and AR interaction with remote content using AirPods. This opens up a range of new spatial interactions, in particular with wayfinding using spatial audio cues. The AirPods send motion data to the iPhone app which then sends data to the server. Multiple apps running on other screen can then leverage the motion data.

Immersive Motion Drawer

This prototype uses immersive 3D particle to transform body motion into an immersive interactive experience. The technology behind the demo has two main components: 1. an interactive 3D particle environment powered by Unity3d software, and 2. a web-app which uses rotation data from a mobile device to remotely interact with the interactive 3D display. The system also utilizes a Firebase realtime database to transmit the data from the web app to the interactive display.

Touchless Web Prototypes
Roles: Lead Developer, AR/VR, javascript, three.js

In response to the covid public health crisis, Touchless is a series of prototypes created to envision ways in which touchless technology can be used in physical environments. I was the creative technology lead in the remote manipulation prototype. Here viewers can interact with exhibit artifacts from their smartphone.

Future Studio Prototypes

For the creative research oriented Future Studio at Valtech, I created a number of prototypes. I created this emotion detection prototype to explore the aesthetic and technological potential of realtime facial recognition tools. The protoype captures facial movements and renders it onto a 3D avatar, and tries to infer emotional states based on data from Apple ARKit framework.

WebXR Experiments
Roles: Lead Developer, AR/VR, javascript, three.js

Experiments with fully web-based XR using Three.js + Experimental Google AR Browser.

Custom shader development: AR water cube

AR 3D drawing system draws the outline of 3d objects with custom software

Video Monolith showing video playback in AR

More WebXR examples

WebXR + Floor detection

Adidas AR Exhibition
Exhibition Roles: Lead Developer, Creative Technologist, AR/VR

Interactive walkthough AR exhibition at Adidas HQ in Europe

Immersive Art Installation — Prague National Gallery
Roles: Lead Developer, Creative Technologist, Unity

Immersive environment for projection mapping and custom generative software with visual artist Egill Sæbjörnsson.

Permanent Installation at Microsoft Cybercrime Center
Roles: Software Development, Creative Technology, Interactive Art and Design

At The Office for Creative Research, we created a permanent installation for the Microsoft Cybercrime Center which maps and visualizes botnets in the wild to give researchers a more intuitive way of understanding their activity over time. Using realtime datasets from millions of infected computers, we created an interactive application that allowed the data to be explored visually and sonically.

ScreamOmeter – Breaking glass with sound at Norwegian Science Museum
Roles: Techncial Direction, Conceptual Development, Creative Technology, Interactive

A collaboration with Gagarin for an installation where people get a chance to break a wine glass by using nothing but their own voice. As a game experience, the installation demonstrated the physics of sympathetic resonance where an audience member’s voice would cause a real glass to shatter. A custom system incorporating architecture, software, physical computing brought the experience to life.

Art Director and Technical Lead at Wonwei
Roles: Art Direction, Technical Direction, Software Dev, Creative Technology, Interactive Design

Wonwei is a research-driven design & technology studio working on commissions, products and artworks. Working as Art Director and Technical Lead on a number of projects. Wonwei was commissioned by Universal Music Group to create a realtime and immersive 3D visual show for musician Ólafur Arnalds’ world tour. A software system clandscapes were created to create a atmospheric narrative in response to music during the concert. Each landscape would interact to the live music and movement from the performer using a Kinect camera.

Study For Resonators
Roles: Art Direction, Software Development, Circuit Design, Creative Technology

Fifty resonating structures create a evolving polyrhythmic installation that transform the gallery space into a living sound sculpture. The percussive instruments create an perpetually evolving musical composition, developed using custom software and physical computing to activate the custom designed instruments. Commisioned by media art festival Raflost in Reykjavík, Iceland.

IOT Remote Irrigation System for Sustainable Farming
Roles: Technical direction, OT software design , Circuit Design, Creative Technology

Using an IOT remote sensing and robotic control system, this prototype created a remote irrigation system in Portugal. The system could be monitored, controlled, and updated it realtime via an interactive web page.

Microperception Window Installation
Roles: Digital laser fabrication, rapid prototyping, software development, art director

A series of visual compositions were created for an exhibition at Third Space Gallery in Helsinki, Finland. The works explore light phenomena and forms that are barely perceptible from a distance but become clear on closer inspection. A new technique was developed where custom software creates microscopic etching patterns on a glass surface, creating a perceptual play of light, color, and reflections.

Invisible Landscapes
Roles: Creative technologist, rapid prototyping, software development, art director

Invisible Landscapes is an artwork that explores the potential of nano technology as an artistic medium. Focusing on the optical possibilities of light with nano structures, Nano Landscapes combines age old photographic techniques like the camera obscura to project nano-scale forms into architectural space. The result is a translation across scales, as the invisible is rendered visible yet always out of reach.

One Hundred Thousand Landscapes
Roles: Software development, art direction, creative technologist

One Hundred Thousand Landscapes is a multi-channel sound installation that creates a perpetually evolving sonic landscape from an online database of over 100,000 sound samples. The system searches for sounds that fit certain descriptions to create a sonic environment. This ruleset functions as the “DNA” of the piece, providing an organizing principal to the evolution of the sonic environment. In addition, the system also informs its own progression as each new sound influences the next using spectral descriptors of the sound file to search for other sound files that sound similar.

Research in computational print techniques
Roles: Software development, artistic research, creative technology

Research and development into custom software systems for generating robust vector and print graphics in C++ / openframeworks. The aim of this research was to develop methods for integrating cinema and photography into a generative print graphics workflow. The project resulted in custom software that provided scalable vector graphics that could be rendered to print or even animation film. This line of research also opens the door for instant creation of unique printed material based on customizable user input.

Technical Production and Fabrication Commission
Roles: Software development, hardware development, physical computing

I was commissioned by gallery artist Egill Saebjornsson to design, develop, and build a series of artworks. The installations create a generative environment of interacting projection mapped animations and mechatronic sound sculptures. The works have been exhibited internationally and at international art fairs.

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